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Time for high speed rail

Rail Express, 19 January 2010

The time is right for a major concept study into high speed rail in Australia, a pre-feasibility report on HSR in the Australian context conducted by the CRC for Rail Innovation has concluded.

Toyota in Argentine lithium deal for hybrid car push

Yahoo! News, 20 January 2010

A sister company to Toyota Motor Corp secured a lithium supply deal in Argentina on Wednesday that could help the world's largest automaker keep its lead in gasoline-

New strategies to end car culture

Joondalup Times, 19 January 2010

LRT article

When cars and handguns collide

ABC, 19 January 2010

The National Rifle Association defence has been getting a fair trot in recent days as the tabloids run and run with last weekend's quintuple road death in Melbourne's north. Cars don't kill, apparently. People do.  As is the case with handguns, most would agree that it's more normally a combination of the two.

Consumer Reports: [US] Car Buyers Don’t Care About Fuel Efficiency

BNet Energy, 19 January 2010

The recession and lower gas prices produced a weird side effect among American consumers. They want to save money, but somehow it doesn’t translate into caring about fuel efficiency.

Oil Shortages to Reappear in 2011, Goldman Sachs Says

Bloomberg, 18 January 2010

 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said that shortages will reappear in the crude oil market as supply fails to keep pace with a recovery in demand.

JAL declares bankruptcy with debts of Ų.3 trn

The Independent, 20 January 2010

Japan Airlines (JAL), Asia's biggest air carrier and once one of the jewels in the crown of Japan's corporate world, has filed for court protection with estimated liabilities of 2.32 trillion yen (£15.6bn).

Oil and gas exploration falls to lowest level in five years

The Independent, 15 January 2010

North Sea oil and gas exploration dropped by 35 per cent last year, taking it back to levels last seen five years ago, according to figures published by Deloitte yesterday. Only 78 new wells were drilled in 2009, compared with 121 in 2008. Exploration activity was down by almost half, appraisals by a quarter.

Christophe de Margerie: Big Oil’s Straight Talker

Time, 16 January 2010

Crude Oil at $100: OPEC Has Grown Accustomed to the Price

BNet Energy, 12 January 2010

Crude prices would have to rise more than 22 percent before OPEC’s member countries would consider changing its production quotas, according to a Dow Jones Newswires report. Meaning, $100 a barrel is A-OK with the oil cartel.