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Rail deal signals confidence in US economy

ABC Lateline, 4 November 2009

There's renewed confidence the US economy has bottomed after Warren Buffett agreed to spend $29 billion to buy one of America's largest railways. The deal will be his firm's biggest yet as bets on the future of rail in an era of higher energy price. While Warren Buffett is more optimistic, Australian truckers are more nervous with no sign yet of a surge in pre-Christmas traffic.

Halliburton to coax more oil out of largely depleted Ghawar field

GLG News, 7 November 2009

Halliburton was awarded a five year integrated turnkey contract for Ghawar field. Work will be performed in Uthmaniyah, Haradh, Hawiyah and Shedgum. Halliburton will provide drilling rigs, directional and horizontal drilling tools, logging, cementing, mud engineering, perforation, completion and well construction services. Halliburton will engineer and manage the entire drilling operation.Three to four rigs wil

Bicycling Update

You may have heard about the positive changes to the cycling and walking environment in New York city and here's more proof.

Crude World: the Violent Twilight of Oil

New Statesman, 29 October 2009

The use of refined petroleum as fuel, which began in the 1850s, freed hundreds of millions of people from the toil of centuries, gave hundreds of millions more a life of ease and plenty, and, by allowing great cities to feed themselves from every corner of the world, multiplied the population of the earth fivefold. Oil also gave the world a new and terrible kind of warfare, rendered great tracts of land uninhabitable to man and beast, and t

Buffet Bets the Farm on Strong Rail, Cheap Coal, Expensive Oil

BNet Energy, 3 November 2009

Warren Buffet just made the most expensive investment of his long career as head of Berkshire Hathaway, on a rail company called Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNI). It’s all over the press that Buffet called the investment an “all-in wager on the economic future of the United States.”