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Has electric killed the hydrogen car?

The Guardian, 16 September 2009

Have manufacturers looking for a green option decided that hydrogen is just too niche and that electricity is a better bet?

Chevron, Exxon, Shell Sidestep Long-Term CO2 Storage Liability in Gorgon Deal

BNet Energy, 17 September 2009

Chevron is no stranger to liability. The super major energy company faces a $27 billion lawsuit over allegations of environmental pollution in Ecuador’s Amazon. Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell also have grappled with a number of costly lawsuits over the years.

Is Resolution of Natural Gas Conundrum About to Emerge?

RigZone, 16 September 2009

For most of this year, natural gas prices have moved counter to almost everyone's expectations — falling while crude oil prices have risen dramatically.  The conventional explanation has been that natural gas production coming from the newly completed wells in the prolific gas-shale formations around the country is much greater than from traditionally located and drilled wells.  The unanswered questions are when will this phenome

Peak oil expected in 2009: Macquarie bank

Globe & Mail, 16 September 2009

Peak oil supply will be hit this year after the economic crisis and low prices in the first quarter of 2009 slashed much needed investment, a senior executive at Australian investment bank Macquarie said.

The first peak oil recession: Interview with Steven Kopits

ASPO USA, 14 September 2009

Steven Kopits, who runs the New York office of Douglas Westwood, was in Denver last week. He talked about his latest paper on peak oil and the economy with Steve Andrews.

Strong case for light rail

Canning Times, 18 August 2009

Commuters could travel from the CBD to Curtin Uni in 16 minutes during rush hour if they were able to take a light rail service, according to Curtin researcher Diana Ryan

Mounts bay Road Bus lanes – advertised

Proposed bus lanes on Mounts Bay Road as recommended by the UWA/ QEII Medical Centre

5th PATREC Research Forum- 1 Oct

A forum for industry practitioners, postgraduate students, academics and researchers

Thursday, 1 October 2009

8am – 3pm

Curtin University

Kent Street Bentley

Lecture Theatre 213

Russia Exploits OPEC Cuts, Tops Saudi Arabia in Oil Exports

BNet Energy, 8 September 2009

Russia’s continued exploitation of OPEC’s oil production cuts gives credo to the old Heinz slogan “the best things come to those who wait.” Not too long ago, rhetoric from Russia gave the impression it was aligned with the Organization of Petroleum Exporter’s Council in a mission to control oil prices. Russia, the largest non-OPEC producing country in the world, had volunteered to cut producti

Maribyrnong City Council’s Peak Oil Contingency Plan released

9 September 2009

Maribyrnong City Council have made history by becoming the first-ever local government organisation in Australia to complete a Peak Oil Contingency Plan, which is now available for download at: