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Renewable Energy Plans Taking Shape in China and India

BNet Energy, 11 August 2009

China and India have proven resistant to international pressure to adopt emissions targets. But the two giant countries, together representing a third of the world’s population, also aren’t totally ignoring their problems. A series of recent announcements shows that both are casting about for the most cost-effective way to develop new energy.

BP Ponies Up $10M For Algae Biofuels in Martek Deal

BNet Energy, 11 August 2009

BP is ponying up $10 million for a partnership with Martek Biosciences to study the use of algae to convert sugar into biodiesel. BP isn’t the only oil major — or government agency — to show an interest in the prospect of commercially viable algal-based fuels.

The City as a Cure for Loneliness

Inspiring Cities

What is the future of cities? Why is it important to invest into cities? What changes should we make in our investment policies in cities? Twelve leading European thinkers about cities answer these three questions. This week: Alain de Botton: The City as a Cure for Loneliness

New ‘gliding’ landing method for planes to slash fuel consumption

Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August 2009

Aviation group Scandinavian Airlines System said on Monday it had designed a new landing method for aircraft, which could slash fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide. The new technique, which involves planes gliding into land following an optimum route mapped out by satellite, could save around 100kg of fuel in a twin-engined jet, the group said.

Cash for Clunkers Pilfers Renewable Energy Loan Program

BNet Energy, 7 August 2009

Cash for clunkers, the popular [US] federal car trade-in program that ripped through $1 billion in a less than a month, has been extended thanks to money pilfered from a different stimulus fund that provides loan guarantees to clean energy projects.

47 spend `surreal’ 6 hours on grounded plane

Yahoo! News, 10 August 2009

By its sixth hour sitting on a deserted tarmac, Continental Express Flight 2816 had taken on the smell of diapers and an overwhelmed lone toilet. What should have been a 2 1/2-hour trip from Houston to

Bus-ted: How Ellenbrook train line derailed

WA Today, 10 August 2009

Colin Barnett's on-again, off-again, Ellenbrook railway – dubbed his biggest broken promise since forming government – was hurtling toward oblivion just six weeks after the premier was sworn in, documents reveal.

It’s Official, FTC Outlaws Oil Market Manipulation

BNet Energy, 6 August 2009

The Federal Trade Commission issued Thursday a final rule that prohibits fraud and manipulation of wholesale oil markets. Anyone daring to break the new rules, which go into effect Nov. 4, face up to $1 million in fines per violation per day.

China Balks at Global Warming-Gas Capture Costs

Bloomberg, 6 August 2009

China, the world’s biggest carbon- dioxide polluter, is balking at the cost and effectiveness of extracting greenhouse gases from hundreds of coal plants and storing them underground.

Variable speed zone for Beaufort Street

WA Government, 5 August 2009

Variable speed signs have been installed on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, providing a major safety boost for pedestrians and other road users in the area. The va