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Porsche in $20bn ‘sting’

The Independent, 29 October 2008

The Sports car giant Porsche has pulled off one of the greatest share killings of all time in a coup that has left some of the world's largest hedge funds nursing combined losses that could total $20bn (£12.6bn).

World is facing a natural resources crisis worse than financial crunch

The Guardian, 29 October 2008

The world is heading for an "ecological credit crunch" far worse than the current financial crisis because humans are over-using the natural resources of the planet, an international study warns.

Did you forget to register your bike? So did everyone else

Houston Chronicle, 27 October 2008

Better Place to Bring Electric Car Network Down Under

Green Biz, 27 October 2008

California-based Better Place is partnering with AGL Energy and financial advisory firm

ñ00m road to electric motoring

The Guardian, 28 October 2008

A new generation of electric public service vehicles, including postal vans, police vehicles and ministerial limousines is to be introduced as part of a government initiative to speed up the introduction of low-emission technology on Britain's roads.

BA is no longer ҂ritishҠAirways

The Independent, 28 October 2008

Britrish Airways has stopped being the UK's national carrier and effectively become London Airways. The airline still operates flights from Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. But, as with the colour options for Henry Ford's Model T, passengers' choice of destination from these cities is limited: they can fly to any other city they like – so long as it is London.

Thailand likely to barter rice for Iranian oil

Vietnam News Agency, 27 October 2008

Thailand, the world's biggest rice exporter, plans to exchange rice for oil from Iran, its commerce minister said on October 27.

Senate Estimates Committee- Transport & Infrastructure

Hansard Transcript of Senate Estimates, 21 October 2008:

Oil sands projects slashed as credit crisis hits Alberta

The Globe & Mail, 24 October 2008

The full force of the global financial crisis has finally hit the oil sands, delaying two of Canada's largest energy projects and tempering Alberta's economic boom. Suncor Energy Inc. said yesterday that it is slashing its expected spending in 2009 by one-third because of uncertainty over oil prices and credit availability.

24 Tales of Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities

Urbanist, 18 October 2008

What in the world could cause an entire city to be abandoned? Some become unlivable due to environmental disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis to nuclear meltdowns (as with Pripyat, shown below). Others become the center of military activity and remain contested and uninhabited as a result – or are simply left as memorials to the terrible events that took place in them. Still others are simply deserted when they outlive their usefulness as