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China Boosts Oil Imports to Record on Falling Prices

Bloomberg, 13 October 2008

China, the world's second-largest energy user, increased crude-oil imports to a record last month, taking advantage of falling prices, as domestic refining capacity climbed. Crude imports surged 46 percent to 20 million metric tons or 4.87 million barrels a day in September from a year earlier, according to Bloomberg's calculations based on figures provided by the Beijing-based Customs General

Greenedge Ethical launching IPO

 As many of you probably know I've been working for Greenedge for about a year now. Greenedge has been working on a property development model that's a bit different from the norm. From the environmental side of things, they get really keen about solar passive houses, water sensitive urban design, low energy appliances and (my personal favourite) reduced car usage. They stimulate community diversity, through measures like mandating affordable hous

As Gas Prices Go Down, Driving Goes Up

New York Times, 29 October 2008

Doug Guidry gave up drag racing and boating last summer when gasoline prices shot up. Billy Castaneda put off trips to Houston to see his grandchildren. Randal Shul stopped playing paintball with his buddies to save gas. Now, with gasoline prices dropping, all three men are hitting the road again. “Gas going down means freedom, even when everyone is worried about the economy,” Mr. Castaneda said as he filled his 1995 Oldsmobile

Oil reserves will peak within five years: report

ABC World Today, 29 October 2008

A report to be released in the UK later today predicts that the world's oil reserves will reach their peak in three to five years. The report warns that this means political leaders will have to rapidly re-evaluate the global economy's reliance on cheap sources of energy.  And as Jennifer Macey reports, local experts say Australia has already reached peak oil. A taskforce of eight British engineering, utility and tr

Sand Thieves Shrinking Caribbean Beaches At An Alarming Rate

Huffington Post, 26 October 2008

Ahh, the Caribbean. Sun, surf. But where's the sand? It is disappearing at alarming rates as thieves feed a local construction boom.

Oil Supply and Petrol Prices

NSW Parliamentary Library, September 2008

Significant challenges are confronting the petroleum and transport industry, both domestically and internationally. The first of these is tight supplies of crude oil, coupled with a growing market base of emerging economies. The second is the necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent dangerous climate change. This paper focuses on the former issue, and explor

Watchdog warns on declining oilfield output: report

Reuters, 28 October 2008

Output from the world's oilfields is declining faster than previously thought, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, quoting from a draft International Energy Agency report it had obtained.

Oil-Price Rebound Could Be Severe

Wall St Journal, 29 October 2008

Oil prices and demand for crude are both falling, but industry executives warn that the world could experience another dramatic ramping up of prices as soon as the global economy rebounds, squeezing existing supplies.

Russia’s oil boom: Miracle or mirage?

International Herald Tribune, 28 October 2008

After years of growth, Russia's once mighty oil machine is feeling the strains of declining production and energy prices as the industry copes with the worst economic crisis in Russia in a decade.

Oil’s stunning retreat: How long can it last?

International Herald Tribune, 28 October 2008

After surging to record levels this summer, oil prices have suffered a dizzying collapse in recent months, echoing the darkening prospects of the global economy. Within three months, drastic swings drove oil prices from their peak of $147.27 a barrel to less than $65 a barrel. Oil industry analysts at Goldman Sachs, who had raised the possibility that prices could reach $200 this year, now believe that oil could drop to