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U.S. gasoline inventories lowest since 1967: EIA

Yahoo! News, 24 September 2008

U.S. gasoline inventories have dropped to their lowest level since 1967 after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike shut Gulf Coast oil refineries and disrupted motor fuel production, causing some supply shortages at service stations, the Energy Information Administration said Wednesday.

Officials ‘shaken’ by citizen calls over gas

Blue Ridge Now, 24 September 2008

Long lines formed at filling stations that had gas this morning, including a Triangle Stop on Main Street, Wal-Mart, Quality Plus on U.S. 64 East and Ingles on Spartanburg Highway. Dozens of cars waited along Spartanburg Highway and Highland Lake Road as Ingles reopened with a supply of gas for the first time in several days as the gas shortage gripped the area for the third straight day. The line at the Quality Plus was about 50 cars d

Southeastern U.S. sees widespread gas shortages

Los Angeles Times, 24 September 2008

When the gas gauge on Jada Burns' Kia wagon was on empty Tuesday afternoon, she lucked out, catching her neighborhood Chevron station at a time when its pumps were open. But the clerk, Mamadou Diallo, said he expected to be sold out by rush hour. With drivers already forming a line, it was about 20 minutes before Burns could fill up. "This is the first time I've had to actually wait," said Burns, 33, who earlier had

Oil Prices and the Australian Economy

RBA, September 2008

Oil prices rose to a peak of US$145 per barrel in July and are currently trading at close to US$100. Despite the recent moderation, the current (US dollar) price is around 30 per cent higher than a year ago, and more than 250 per cent above the level five years ago. While the appreciation of the Australian dollar over recent years has helped to lessen somewhat the effect on Australian businesses and consumers, Australian dollar oil prices &nda

Call for submissions-Vehicle Fuel Efficiency public discussion paper

Comments close 7 November 2008
The Australian Transport Council and the Environment Protection and Heritage Council Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Working Group, with support from the Australian Government, have released a public discussion paper – Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Potential measures to encourage the uptake of more fuel efficient, low carbon emission vehicles. http://ww

National Aviation Policy Statement submisisons

Summary of points from the 290 submissions to the National Aviation Policy statement:

VIC- The Growers and Eaters Forum

A better fresh food deal for farmers and consumers  9am – 4pm Friday November 14th  


Train robbers die from poison gas

The Australian, 20 September 2008

AT least 15 Indian train robbers looking to steal diesel from a freight carriage died today after inhaling poison gas stored in another tank they accidentally broke open, police said.

Farmers go green as petrol prices rise

ABC 7.30 Report, 18 September 2008

The increased cost of petrol is providing an incentive for some farmers to consider alternatives such as organic and bio dynamic farming.

Transport experts cool on car-pooling plan

The Age, 21 September 2008

THE [VIC] State Government is expected to launch a major car-pooling offensive in its November transport plan, arguing that Melbourne's chronic traffic congestion could be permanently reduced to school holiday levels if enough commuters took it up. But transport academics believe the push will be futile and say that car pooling, while worthwhile, can never match better public transport.