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The Big Lie About Oil Speculation

DBTA, 10 May 2008

There is a great deal of talk in Washington about the pernicious effects of “oil speculators” driving up the price of oil. One writer claimed that 50-60% of the price of oil was pure speculation. Even OPEC is taking the opportunity divert attention from their refusal to raise output by blaming speculators for the price rise. That is patently false.

Saudi Arabia rides to the rescue?

ASPO USA, 18 June 2008

With no oil price relief in sight, Saudi Arabia has promised to raise its production in July. Initial reports like the New York Times' Plan would lift Saudi output claimed that the Kingdom would raise supply "by about half-a-million barr

Richard Branson: Airlines Should Pay Emissions Tax

Huffington Post, 24 June 2008

Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson told a forum on climate change Tuesday that aviation is a dirty business and that airlines should be willing to pay for the damage they cause to the environment.

Bikes on YouTube

Probably helps if you speak Hungarian?

Rethinking the Country Life as Energy Costs Rise

New York Times, 25 June 2008

Suddenly, the economics of American suburban life are under assault as skyrocketing energy prices inflate the costs of reaching, heating and cooling homes on the distant edges of metropolitan areas.

Help us out: Missionbeat plea to oil giants

Sydney Morning Herald, 25 June 2008

Mission Australia today appealed to major oil companies for the first time, saying the rising cost of petrol is threatening the viability of its Missionbeat vans.

Oil Conference: 23 June

Mr TREVOR (2.09 pm)—My question is to the Prime Minister. Will the Prime Minister update the House on the outcomes of the international oil summit in Jeddah over the weekend?

Rising fuel prices may affect your waist as well as your hip pocket

Crikey, 24 June 2008

Motorists strung by the rapidly rising price of petrol are likely to be even more diligent in collecting those amazingly successful supermarket fuel discount vouchers. However, a visit to the supermarket, rather than reducing financial pressure, is only likely to add more financial pain. Food prices have been rising faster in Australia than virtually any other household budget item.<

Stocks exposed to oil price named

The Australian, 21 June 2008

A LEADING analyst has named the Australian stocks most at risk from a rise in the oil price. Goldman Sachs JBwere, which believes oil will hit $200 in a year, named 33 key stocks it thinks have substantial earnings risk heading into 2008-09.


624. Hon BARRY HOUSE to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure: (1) Is the state government undertaking a feasibility study into the merits of a major airport in the Shires of Busselton and/or Augusta-Margaret River?