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Crisis contained, even with oil headed for $US200?

Sydney Morning Herald, 18 April 2008

There's that word again: ''contained.'' It's popping up in more and more media reports about the state of the credit crisis. Asian stocks rose for a third day yesterday after better-than-expected profits at US banks boosted optimism that the worst is over.

Biofuels won’t solve world energy problem: Shell

Reuters, 20 April 2008

Biofuels will not solve the world's energy problem, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell said on Sunday, amid growing criticism of their environmental and social benefits.

Transport body supports fuel tax

NZ Herald, 17 April 2008

Auckland's over-arching transport strategy body is backing a special fuel tax for electric trains and other public transport needs, despite being warned that revenue might shrink if petrol sales plummet.

Two factors mean the end of air travel as we know it

Vancouver Sun, April 2008

In crafting policy around air travel, governments both here abroad are flying by the seat of their pants. The world is starting to be affected by the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil, but many involved in transportation planning are looking the other way. In fact, it's easy to believe air travel will keep on expanding, given all the jam-packed airplanes, delayed flights and crowded airports. But cracks are appearing.

Soaring Fuel Costs Push Continental to Loss

New York Times, 16 April 2008

Continental Airlines Inc. said Thursday that soaring fuel costs pushed it to a loss for the first quarter, and it plans to retrench by mothballing planes and reducing flights. Also, Continental took a small but public step toward comb

Nigeriaӳ oil output could fall by a third, says report

Business Day, 16 April 2008

Nigeria risks losing a third of its oil output by 2015 unless it finds ways to boost investment in joint ventures with foreign energy companies, an internal report by President Umaru Yar’Adua’s energy advisers warns.

Preparing for the age of peak oil

Financial Times, 16 April 2008

Russia’s vast oil and gas reserves were seen not so long ago as the best hope of meeting growing world energy demand. No more. This week a top Russian oil executive echoed earlier official

Pilots claim airliners forced to fly with low fuel

NBC News, 16 April 2008

As cash-strapped [US] airlines pack more passengers on flights into ever-busier airports, pilots are filing internal complaints warning that airline cost-cutting on fuel supplies could be creating a major safety risk.

Modern suburbia not just in America anymore

USA Today, 15 April 2008

A Chinese delegation from Beijing arrived in Phoenix last month and headed west to the Sonoran Desert, deep into suburbia. Its destination: a quintessential American residential development in Buckeye, one of the many suburbs dotting the sprawling metropolitan area.

Brazil’s Petrobras denies giant oil field discovery

China View, 15 April 2008

Brazil's state-owned oil company Petrobras denied Monday an earlier announcement of the discovery of a gigantic oil and gas field in southeastern Brazil.  The salt layer of the second well drilled in block BMS-9 of the announced oil field has not even been reached yet, and the huge field, if it does exist, lies below the salt layer, the company said in a statement.