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[US Governor] moves to guard fuel supply

Morning Sentinel, 15 November 2007

Record high oil prices and a desire to be prepared for potential fuel shortages this winter are prompting the state government to develop an energy emergency management plan. Gov. John Baldacci said Friday that he is setting up an energy task force to help coordinate state resources.

Oil price could hit $150 a barrel

The Guardian, 15 November 2007

Oil could reach $150 a barrel and needs a new system of pricing that would take the power out of the hands of financial speculators, Opec delegates at a special summit in Saudi Arabia were told today.

Kuwait, UAE pledge $300 million to climate fund

Yahoo! News, 18 November 2007

Leading global oil producers Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates pledged 150 million dollars each on Sunday to a new fund to ta

The inspired past of London Transport design

International Herald Tribune, 18 November 2007

Gliding through the dazzling new Eurostar terminal in the "Cathedral of the Railways," as London's St. Pancras station was once called, you're treated to not one, but two engineering feats. One is the 19th-century tour de force of William Henry Barlow and Rowland Mason Ordish's glass-and-iron train shed; the other is the modern miracle of the six-mile tunnel that takes you to Stratford.

Dilemma over spending of petrodollars

Arab Times, November 2007

The challenge facing all oil producing countries is how to utilize the mountains of excess cash generated by oil income. The oil income of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is expected  to reach $700 billion by the end of this year with Saudi Arabia’s daily income close to $1 billion and the rest of Opec members income for 3-7 days $1 billion and Kuwait $1 billion every 5 days. With such vast accumulated cash th

Airlines, down in the dumps, consider unusual spinoff

International Herald Tribune, 15 November 2007

What if airlines like United and American owned assets that were worth at least as much as the carriers themselves, but few people even realized they had a separate value? That is the case of frequent-flier programs, which are not reflected in airlines' share prices, leading some shareholders to clamor for the programs to be sold.

A green light for Eurostar: The train that takes the eco-strain

The Independent, 16 November 2007

It wasn't the speed, though that was extraordinary and almost felt like flying. It wasn't the restored St Pancras station, a sumptuous and inspiring blend of Victorian Gothic and hi-tech (if you don't mind the 27ft-high snogging couple, a bronze statue intended as a meeting point). It wasn't even the convenience of shooting from central London to central Paris in a little over two hours, the fastest it's ever been pos

ABS Motor Vehicle Census, 31 Mar 2007

ABS, 16 November 2007

This publication presents statistics relating to vehicles which were registered at 31 March 2007 with a motor vehicle registration authority. Motor vehicle registration statistics are compiled from data made available by various state and territory motor vehicle registration authorities and reflect the information as recorded in registration documents.

OPEC says unable to calm runaway oil prices

Yahoo! News, 15 November 2007

OPEC's president said Thursday that "potentially dangerous" high crude prices were beyond the cartel's control as leading members defied pressure to raise their output to help ease the burden of near 100-dollar oil.

[US] Court tosses federal fuel-economy standards

MSNBC, November 2007

A U.S. appeals court on Thursday threw out the government's new fuel economy standards for many sport-utility vehicles, minivans and pickup trucks in a victory for environmentalists.